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Maintenance Planner’s Checklist

Even the most experienced maintenance planner needs a reminder to make sure that everything necessary has been included in a work order package, just as an experienced pilot uses a check list before every take-off and landing. 

This months reliability tips includes a detailed planning check list, and is the heart of the maintenance planning process.  Below you will be able to download the checklist.  If you are a maintenance planner, please feel free to download a copy the list and post in your office.

The check list is explained in detail line-by-line in IDCON’s new maintenance planning book, which will the first part of IDCON’s new Maintenance planning and scheduling series (4 books).  The new planning book is expected to arrive in print in May 2006.  The other books in the series will be maintenance scheduling, shutdown/ Turnaround planning and scheduling, and management of planning and scheduling.

There is also a part 2 to this maintenance planner checklist which is not included in this month’s reliability tips.  Part 2 includes all items that could be checked but don’t need to be checked for all work order.  Check back in a moth or so, perhaps that list will pop-up on the site as well.

Download Maintenance Planner’s Checklist

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