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Reliability and Maintenance Management Surveys

In recent months, we have launched a few maintenance management surveys. The results of older surveys are displayed below, feel free to have a look.

The surveys can still be taken. Several of the survey have been commented in articles written by IDCON.  

Open Surveys – Click to Take Survey

The Skills Gap

Retaining Skilled Craftspeople

Outsourcing of Maintenance

Operator Based Reliability

Preventive Maintenance Excellence Survey

Why Planners Don’t Plan . Click to see results from "Why planners Don't plan" survey

Root Cause Problem Elimination

Do Maintenance Planners Really Plan?

Mobility of Plant Management . Click to see results of "Mobility of Plant Management" survey

Closed Surveys

Reactive Maintenance vs. Safety
This survey explores if there is a strong correlation between Reactive Maintenance work and Safety incidents. The survey is commented upon in the article Safety and Reactive Maintenance.

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