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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Book



Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is one of the most important elements in maintenance management. Maintenance Planning and scheduling is also synonymous with control of maintenance. This book is a definitive authority on the subject and provides practical, tested techniques and processes by which you can build, run and manage this function to world class standards.

This Maintenance book is written by IDCON and incorporates over 110 years of cumulative maintenance management experience. Topics covered in the 11 sections include: maintenance fundamentals, planning systems, work order planning, backlog management, maintenance scheduling, computerized maintenance management systems development, planning and scheduling shutdowns, performance measurements and management, essential care and condition monitoring. Add to cart to buy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Planning1
Chapter 2The Maintenance Cycle8
Chapter 3Maintenance Business Processes    9
Chapter 4Work Identification  27
Chapter 5Approving Work Requests  30
Chapter 6Setting Work Priorities31
Chapter 7Work Orders36
Chapter 8Work Order Coding42
Chapter 9Backlog Management      54
Chapter 10Detailed Work Planning58
Chapter 11Estimating Work Orders73
Chapter 12Work Order Examples77
Chapter 13Scheduling93
Chapter 14Work Execution      136
Chapter 15Work Order Completion138
Chapter 16Materials Management    144
Chapter 17Turnaround Management147
Chapter 18Implementing Planning and Scheduling Changes171



Appendix 1Definitions and Abbreviations175
Appendix 2Planning And Scheduling Job Descriptions       180
Appendix 3Failure Theory181
Appendix 4Preventive Maintenance (PM/ECCM)184
Appendix 5Maintenance Computer Systems (CMMS)187
Appendix 6Graphical Schedules Using Excel189
Appendix 7Critical Path Scheduling         192
Appendix 8Plant Standards195
Appendix 9Planning And Scheduling Check Lists199
Appendix 10Maintenance Performance and its Measurement202
Appendix 11Communication Standards214
Appendix 12Purchasing and Planning215
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