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Awards & Recognition

We put forth our best effort each day, ensuring IDCON creates and delivers quality products and services in the most sustainable way. While we’re proud of our accomplishments as a business and global community, it’s reaffirming when third parties also recognize our efforts.

Reliability 2.0 Conference April 2013: Best Speaker Award

Christer Idhammar, IDCON, INC, was awarded the Best Speaker Award at the Reliability 2.0 Conference held in Las Vegas in April of 2013.

Reliability 2.0 Conference April 2013 

Terrance O'Hanlon, CEO and Publisher of Uptime Magazine and and Christer Idhammar, CEO of IDCON, INC.

Euromaintenance 2008: Best Speaker Award

Among 156 international speakers at Euromaintenance 2008 in Brussels, Belgium 7 - 10 April 2008, Christer Idhammar, then President, now Vice President, of IDCON, INC received the Salvetti Foundation award for best speaker overall and in the Leadership/Management category.  92% of attendees rated his presentation performance as Good and Excellent.(71% rated as Excellent). He received the same rating for his work shop. Christer’s long experience combined with his presenting and communication skills has made him a highly sought after speaker and trainer at international events as well as for corporate and in-plant reliability and maintenance events.

Euromaintenance 2002: Incentive Award 

Christer Idhammar, then President of IDCON, INC, now Vice President, has received the 2002 Euromaintenance incentive award sponsored by the Salvetti Foundation.

The award is in recognition of extraordinary accomplishment in the field of maintenance, as shown by publications, presentations and other public manifestations.

The award was handed out during a ceremony at Euromaintenance 2002 in Helsinki, Finland, June the 3rd 2002.

The Euromaintenance conference is organized every second year by the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS). This organization has 17 member associations representing most of the countries in Europe.

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Please contact Christer Idhammar at attn. Christer Idhammar or direct phone number +1 919-723-2682 if you would like to have him involved in a corporate, in-plant or open event.