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Who We Are

We believe in practical, common sense solutions to reliability and maintenance management improvements. Our Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance (RORM) philosophy is based on prioritizing actions based on cost (including time) vs. actual results. Our philosophy has used the same core principles of reliability and maintenance work systems while we have embraced new technology to accelerate those core principles. The core principles of planning, scheduling, preventive maintenance, root cause, and spare parts management are still true today, while technology has helped speed up execution (for the most part).

Our Team

Tor Idhammar and Christer IdhammarOur people are exceptionally experienced in reliability and maintenance work processes and change management. Our people have experience from Oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemicals, mining, food, pharmaceutical, steel, and cement. Most of our people have experience as planners, supervisors, maintenance managers and corporate reliability, some of our people have a maintenance experience combined with mill management and/or CEO's.


IDCON is owned and managed by Torbjörn (Tor) Idhammar and Christer Idhammar.  Christer Idhammar founded Idhammar Konsult AB in Sweden 1972. Christer developed the RORM philosophy and built IDCON though the '70s, 80' and 90's. Christer is still active in the company as partner, vice president, and reliability guru. Tor Idhammar joined IDCON in 1997 and was named president of IDCON in 2009. As a client, don't fear to be out of touch with the IDCON leadership. You can call Christer and Tor at any time, just call +1 919 847 8764 and ask for either of us!