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IDCON - The Practical Coaches in Reliability and Maintenance

At IDCON, we do not only educate and train, we also implement and coach execution of what we have agreed with our clients to improve. 

To help our clients improve reliability and maintenance performance we spend most of our consultant hours with on-site, on-the-job implementation of a more efficient work system.  We distinguish between "CONSULTING" and "SERVICE".  Consulting is when IDCON coach YOUR organization to improve with our help.  Service is when IDCON do a task for you.  IDCON works 95% with coaching, but do occasional service jobs, such as building BOM's, document Preventive Maintenance tasks or step in as maintenance managers.

As Coaches, IDCON will transfer knowledge and work procedures to your employees as accurately and quickly as possible.  We believe in practical, hand-on solutions to improve equipment reliability. 

IDCON brings a wealth of experience in reliability and maintenance improvement projects.  We have worked in 51 countries in all types of industries even though we mostly work in heavy process industry.

Our coaching philosophy is explained in the picture below. 


Reliability and Maintenance Implementation


IDCON will start with a high commitment to the project with the goal to transfer knowledge and work procedures to your organization.  IDCON will work as a catalyst, trainer, accelerator, and coach to help your organization take ownership.  IDCON often work on a schedule where we visit the site for 1-2 weeks, then define "homework" for the plant to practice on until the next visit.  This approach reduces cost and enhance the ownership in the organization.

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