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Get control of your workload with effective planning and scheduling

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Get control of your workload with effective
planning and scheduling

Is poor maintenance planning and scheduling creating chaos,
stress, and dysfunction?

You want your plant running at peak performance but reactive maintenance is hampering your production.

Training Courses

Did you know that 50% of people surveyed said planners don’t plan because of reactive maintenance and emotional priorities?Did you know that 35% of people surveyed said their
planners aren’t trained to plan work?

Which Planning and Scheduling Training do you need?

Improving Planning and Scheduling gets you…

uptime on critical lines

a reduction in maintenance costs

improved safety

efficient and effective employee

less stressed employees

Get your team trained today!

Our practical maintenance planning and scheduling training, consulting and on-the-job coaching equips your team with the knowledge and skill they need to be safe, effective, and less reactive. Our training options give you flexibility on how your team is trained and when.

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What do our students think about the training?

This course got me excited to become a planner and implement these strategies. Because of this course I feel I could
be a great planner from day one!
Maintenance Millwright, ADM

I feel this course has given me the tools to be a successful planner.
Mechanical Planner, Hood Container

4.6 out of 5

The class was engaging and stimulating.
Planner, Colonial Pipeline

Great course! I wish my manager was here!
Planner, Martin Marietta

Everyone needs to have this training, if nothing else
just to have everyone on common ground with the ideals and the general direction of where the group wants to go.
Electrician, Mondi BagsThis training provides real world solutions for organization that plan to aim for world class maintenance activities.
Airport Superintendent, City of Houston

Your Team Can Improve

Your team will be organized and know how to succeed.
You’ll reduce interruptions and improve uptime
You’ll have more lead-time to plan and manage maintenance work

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