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Question: How do you decide the inspection frequency for condition monitoring?
Maintenance Supervisor, International Paper

Answer: The inspection frequency is based on the Failure Developing Period (FDP). As a rule of thumb, we suggest an inspection frequency of FDP/2. Here is a reliability tips around inspection frequency.

Question: OK, so how do you decide the FDP?
Maintenance Supervisor, International Paper

Answer: It comes down to an educated guess unless you have very good historical data. Even then, there are many factors that decide the FDP. A practical suggestion is to try to estimate day, week, month, quarter or year.

Example 1: Foundation for a 125 HP pump-motor-coupling probably takes at least a year to develop from initial crack to failure.
Example 2: Sprocket for chain drive (small, low load, 900 rpm).. at least a month, perhaps a quarter
Example 3: Bad sounding bearing if we are using stethoscope? Days perhaps hours
Example 4: Initial high vibration with vibration pen? Months (that's why we use VA)

Agree on something that makes sense based on FDP (Not life of component), then try to collect data to learn better over time.