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Maintenance Management and Reliability Resources

IDCON prides itself on having many resources available to its clients as well as interested individuals. In the resource library you will find articles in both English and Swedish, a link to our books, online class information, links to our brochures, media and reference materials including our maintenance dictionary.


Maintenance Article ArchiveIn our Maintenance Management and Reliability Articles section you will find a variety of articles on maintenance topics in both English and Swedish.


Reliability Tips SectionIn our Reliability Tips section you will find tips ranging from topics such as spare parts management to Infrared Thermography Essentials and more. We add new tips on a monthly basis.


Maintenance definitions and dictionaryFor resources, definitions and other reference materials, check out our maintenance dictionary.


Maintenance and Reliability BooksWe offer several books on topics ranging from Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management to Condition Monitoring Books. To read more, please head to the books section of the resource library or click here to purchase our Maintenance and Reliability books. 


online-class for Condition Monitoring Standards

Our Condition Monitoring Standards E-learning and online classes is done through IDCON's work with HumEng International, a training content provider. Our widely popular Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) is available not only in book and PDF format but also in E-learning format for professional training purposes.


Maintenance Training brochuresOur brochures will give you an overview of IDCON as a company as well as giving you information on Training, RORM, PPRM and IRSA.


Maintenance and Reliability surveysWant to take a Reliability and Maintenance Management Surveys survey? Active surveys can still be taken where as closed surveys are no longer available. To find comments on several of these surveys, peruse our articles section.


Reliability and Maintenance Training VideoOur team is often featured in videos from different conferences and events. To view, please head to our Training and Reliability Conference video section.


Condition Monitoring Standards for DownloadingDownload a few different samples of our CMS as well as a samples of our priority guidelines, planners checklist, planning and scheduling work flow and our corporate brochure on the Downloads page.


Reliability and Maintenance Discussion GroupOur LinkedIn Forum is a reliability and maintenance group discussion intended to bring people together in the heavy process industry. Join over 1,000 members today!


Maintenance Management resource library

IDCON's resource library contains a wealth of information. From purchasing our books to reading our articles, you will find resources for your maintenance needs.