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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

  • CMMS

    by Terry Taylor

    Like everyone else, I get too many emails to read so my daily routine each morning is to do a quick glance at all my new emails and immediately make a decision. The decision is to keep them or delete them. Recently, one in particular caught my eye because I saw the words, “Be More Productive with CMMS.”

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  • CMMS Software Work Order Coding

    by Don Armstrong

    This article provides guidelines on the selection and structure of the codes and categories that CMMS Software work order systems use to filter and sort backlogs of work. When many organizations first introduced a computer software (CMMS) to manage maintenance they saw an opportunity to use the computer's ability to sort and filter work in a backlog by various categories. With card or paper files, if work was to be separated by urgency, reason, shutdown requirements and so on, it meant that multiple files must be maintained. However CMMS software made this kind of manipulation of data very simple and, unfortunately in some cases, dangerously simple. Safety committees wanted to see lists of safety work, engineering managers wanted to see lists of capital work, maintenance people wanted lists of work for various types of shutdowns, and so on.

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