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Maintainability and Design for Reliability

  • How Do You Define

    by Torbjorn Idhammar

    This can be a pretty loaded beginning to a sentence.  From role definitions to reliability definitions, your organization has a lot of definitions to figure out.   What happens once you’ve come up with all your definitions?  You can’t just define and leave it.  You have to communicate to the entire organization.   And oh, you have to come up with an acronym because we love acronyms!

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  • Is your Reliability and Maintenance Strategy Lacking Individual Development?

    by Owe Forsberg, Senior Consultant

    For a competitive advantage, an organization must have a basic development strategy for Reliability and Maintenance. Following Reliability and Maintenance best practices strategies maximizes operations output and minimizes cost per unit.

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  • LCC Life Cycle Cost

    by Christer Idhammar

    Many reliability and maintenance improvement initiatives are successful, but most do not deliver the results that are possible to reach. I have observed that the rate of success is higher in many other countries than USA. Some common denominators I have observed in very successful organizations include;

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  • Maintenance Management - Defining, Clarifying "Reliability"

    by Torbjörn Idhammar

    The purpose of this column is to raise questions and challenge plant leadership on strategy, vision and execution of reliability and maintenance management. Since the name of this magazine is Reliable Plant, I think it would be interesting for my first column to challenge you on the meaning of the term “reliability.”

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