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Root Cause Problem Elimination at IDCON

  • Implement a Cost Effective Root Cause Problem Elimination (RCPE) Process

    by Torbjörn Idhammar

    An effective root cause analysis process can improve production reliability significantly.  But, few organizations have a functioning root cause analysis process in place.  This article will discuss common problems and some suggested solutions in order to improve root cause problem elimination.

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  • Reliability Tips: The layers of root cause

    by Tor Idhammar

    How often is the phrase "The ROOT Cause of the problem" used at your plant/mill? This phrase is a bit symptomatic of how Root Cause Analysis is thought of. The phrase implies that there is only one "cause" to the problem. Rarely is there a single root cause to any given problem. Usually, there are several reasons; to be sure there are several "technical causes" that interact to create a breakdown/failure.

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  • Root Cause Analysis is more Effective After Basics are Implemented

    by Torbjörn Idhammar

    Many reactive organizations conclude that RCA is the first agenda item for improving reliability. But after completing a few root cause activities, it's obvious that the results will point to already-known problem areas, such as inferior preventive maintenance (PM) and planning and scheduling. The initial reasoning to start an RCA initiative often follows this train of thought: We have a lot of equipment breakdowns, so step one should be to analyze those breakdowns in order to identify the root cause of the breakdowns in order to eliminate the root causes.

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  • Root Cause Problem Elimination for the Frontline

    by Christer Idhammar

    What’s in a name? For one, getting a name right can help to accurately define an issue or a process.

    In our example, Root Cause Problem Elimination (RCPE) is more commonly known in the industry as Root Cause Analysis (RCA). We prefer the former term. We know of numerous analyses where the root cause has been identified but not eliminated, so RCPE offers a better process. Analysis costs can be expensive, so this process is a good investment only if the identified root cause is eliminated.

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  • The Root Cause Just isn’t that Important

    by Torbjorn Idhammar

    Root cause analysis and root cause failure analysis are commonly used terms. I have always felt that these terms are somewhat misguided. I say so for some really simple reasons.

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