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Manitenance Training Material via E-Learning

IDCON is working with HumEng International, a training content provider. IDCON’s widely popular Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) that is currently available in book format and PDF are now also available in E-learning format for professional training purposes.

Condition Monitoring Standards E-learning IDCON’s CMS are training material focusing on HOW and WHY to do equipment inspections on common components such as AC Motors, Centrifugal Pumps, Valves, Couplings, Hydraulics, Heat Exchangers and much more (100 components).  We use pictures, graphs and visual representation as much as possible when designing this learning and reference material. 

The CMS have been used in many process and manufacturing industries by operators, mechanics, and E/I personnel to enhance knowledge and detail in inspections (condition monitoring).  Reliability engineers also use the standard as reference material when reviewing PM’s and operator essential care programs.


E-learningAnother popular use for the CMS standards is in TPM implementations where the standards are used as “one-point-lessons.”

The new E-learning modules have more graphics than the books. The E-learning modules also have optional testing and tracking capabilities through a professional training platform.

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