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Is a Condition Monitoring (CM) Technician Worth $2,610.11?

I’ve met more than my fair share of “handicapped” CM Techs;  “handicapped” with the lack of tools, training and poorly designed systems. As Deming noted “ can only be as effective as the system you work in allows you to be.” 

But by far the easiest of these deficiencies to fix are inspections tools.  Below is a list of suggested basic “must have” tools for a typical CM Technician:

Tool Price
Cre Bonfire X flashlight, 350 lumen 25.95
Stanley 2" putty knife 7.87
Stainless bristle wire brush 6.50
Telescoping, articulating inspection mirror w LED lights 10.95
Monarch BBL Strobe light LED, 3,000 lux 587.00
SPM Bearing checker BC100 1899.68
Can of Presolve de-greaser, electrically safe 12.45
Rags 2.75
Kobolt wheeled, carry tool bag 56.95
Total 2,610.11


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