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IDCON’s Shutdown Optimization Program (SOP)

Shutdown Best Practices Checklist


With IDCON’s Shutdown Optimization Program, shutdown (SD) best practices are reviewed to safely reduce shutdown duration and costs.

Here are some best practices for you to consider:

  1. All utilities requirements for Shut Down (SD) and Start Up (SU) calculated and defined (flare, blow down, steam boiler, plant air (compressors), water, nitrogen, etc.)
  2. Tag isolation valves that will be exercised at the SD – grease valves
  3. Develop a detailed SD and SU schedule defining when mechanical resources are required (i.e. handover, hand-back, blinding, etc.)
  4. Function tests completed prior to SU – including emergency block valves, emergency SD devices, control valves, heat exchangers.
  5. Prepare flange make-up and torqueing procedures & provide training
  6. Blind and job locations tagged in the field with weatherproof tagging