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Maintenance Managers – Do you have a clear path forward?

I recently visited a couple of plants where I asked the same question to all people I met.  The question was “What are the most important things for this plant to improve upon in order to improve equipment reliability?”

If the maintenance managers in these plants would have:

  • Had a vision (painted the picture of where to go)

  • Had a plan

  • Had communicated their future vision and the improvement plans continuously

  • Had some acceptance from their people around their plans

the answers from the individuals would have correlated pretty well with the managers’ vision. The question is, do you have a vision (could be a list of best practices)? Do you have an improvement plan? Is that plan well communicated and accepted?  If not, I think you will have a hard time to get people to improve in the right direction.

For information about creating a vision and an improvement plan for reliability call Tor Idhammar at +1 91 847 8764 x105.

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