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A new book by Christer Idhammar

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Knocking Bolts is Christer Idhammar's journey through a successful career that began as an 18-year-old merchant mariner in Sweden and took him around the world as a Reliability and Maintenance Management consultant.

He has been instrumental in improving the reliability and maintenance field. He implemented sustainable maintenance centers in developing countries including Tanzania and India, trained and consulted on maintenance management for numerous industries, and even worked with the Panama Canal Commission.

Journey with the man, known by some as a guru and others as the “Godfather of Maintenance” through the places and experiences that helped shape his philosophy and IDCON INC’s 15 beliefs.

To Christer Idhammar, Reliability and Maintenance Management is both a passion and a calling. He knows that what he learned 60 years ago still holds true today—successful RMM is 90% about people.

He has received numerous awards and has authored and co-authored five technical books. He also developed one of the industry’s first CMMS programs, still in use today. He is now semi-retired but still traveling for international speaking engagements.

“His lecture was like finding the Holy Grail and the Prophet at the same time!”

~Rob Probst, Former National Maintenance Best Practice Manager

Fonterra Co-operative Group, New Zealand

“Christer is very hands on, nobody can break it down like him.”

~Brian Davies, Former Consultant and Plant Manager Various Industries, USA

“He has that gift of communication—he reaches people on all levels.”

~John Crowe, Former CEO of Buckeye Technologies, USA

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Knocking Bolts