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Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) Training - IDCON's Root Cause Problem Elimination™ Training

IDCON’s Root Cause Problem Elimination training focuses on eliminating problems, not just analyze a problem.  You will learn how to tie cause and effect together and apply logical thought processes to arrive at the problem’s core in order to eliminate the causes.

IDCON strongly believes the thinking process in RCPE is the key to eliminating problems.  The documentation tool is helpful, but the thinking process is what is going to make you successful.  Our training is therefore designed around critical and creative thinking concepts in combination with a simple cause-and-effect documentation tool.   You’ll learn how to use your critical thinking skills in the “How-Can Diagram” to bring root cause analysis into your day-to-day reliability management process-and do it cost effectively!

We offer our training in several formats:

  • On-site customized root cause training
  • On-site and public standard root cause training

On-Site Customized Root Cause Failure Analysys- Problem Elimination Training

An IDCON consultant will visit your site before the class for a few hours to collect sample problems for your training attendees to work on during out training.  The consultant will use our standard training to cover the root cause process, but switch out many generic exercises and use your actual plant problems.  You would use you actual problems to define problem, collect information, develop possible causes, select most likely cause and generate solutions.

In your job, do you?

Need an organized practical approach to problem solving? Work in an industrial setting?

…then this training is for you!

Root Cause Failure Analysis Training

On-Site and Public Standard Training

The standard training covers the same aspects of RCPE as the customized training, but we will use IDCON developed exercises instead of your own problems.  The generic training is a great choice for awareness and general understanding for attendees.

Root Cause Problem Elimination Topics

  • RCPE in an industrial setting
  • Well-known root cause investigations
  • RCPE examples from IDCON’s experience
  • Basic beliefs for RCPE
  • Drawing the “How-Can Diagram” - Hands on experience
  • Finding and prioritizing problems
  • Creative and critical thinking and how it applies to RCPE
  • Root Cause and logical thinking
  • Exercises
  • The RCPE business process
  • Triggers to perform RCPE
  • Drawing triggers in the How-Can Diagram
  • Problem statement and/or definition of a problem
  • Exercises
  • Drawing the problem statement in the How-Can Diagram
  • Thinking techniques for developing possible causes
  • Exercises
  • Managing possible causes in the How-Can Diagram
  • Select most likely cause
  • Verify selected cause
  • Identifying solutions
  • Implementing RCPE in your plant
  • Final exercises 

Implementation Support for Root Cause Failure Analysis Problem Elimination

IDCON can help your site implement RCPE by practicing solving problems on-site, coach implementation of a RCPE work process, help set triggers, coach select employees to become facilitators and much more, please click here for more information about Root Cause implementation Support.