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A unique collection of books developed by consultants who have spent their life working in the industry.

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Knocking Bolts

What does it take to become an expert in reliability and maintenance management? Take a journey with Christer Idhammar as he transformed from a merchant mariner to company leader and reliability and maintenance guru. 

Look Inside Condition Monitoring Standards

Condition Monitoring Standards (Vol. 1-5)

These CMS books are a colorful and unique collection of 100 condition monitoring instructions for operations, crafts people and engineering to use as field manuals for preventive maintenance. Each condition monitoring book is organized by component types such as AC motors, couplings, pumps, valves, belts, chains, gears and much more.

Also available in French and Spanish. Contact us for details.

IDCON also offers the Condition Monitoring Standards in an electronic format. The electronic format is Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) with standard PDF Security. Contact us for pricing and details!

Look Inside Preventive maintenance, Essential care

Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring

This essential manual teaches you how to set up a cost effective preventive maintenance system and contains preventive maintenance methods and tools for many common components such as pumps, motors, couplings, valves, gears, cranes, electronics, conveyors, hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, seals, fans, blowers, heat exchangers, belts, steam joints, steam traps, and more. 

Look Inside Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Book

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Maintenance planning and scheduling is the hub for a high performance maintenance organization. The maintenance book covers key processes within maintenance planning and scheduling in detail. Examples of key processes are: Work requests, Prioritization of work, backlog management, maintenance planning, maintenance scheduling, history, execution of work, CMMS, and much more. 

Also available in Swedish. Contact us for details!

Look Inside Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Book

Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance Management

This Management book covers Maintenance and Reliability management described in a series of short studies. Christer Idhammar explains how operations and maintenance must work together to achieve best practice maintenance and reliability management. The book covers topics such as preventive maintenance, maintenance planning, paradigms in industry, operations involvement in reliability, engineering practices, operational practices, root cause problem elimination and much more. 

Look Inside Maintenance Spare Parts Book

Reliability-Based Spare Parts and Materials Management

This book will provide the reader with a reliability and management perspective to spare parts management. One of the largest obstacles in improving maintenance management and planning and scheduling is to find materials and to get them to the right place at the right time

A practical guide for Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Process

Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Process - A practical guide

Whether you call it a Shutdown, Outage or Turnaround the fact is that these events have a serious impact on the financials of an operation. The key to a successful event is to have a well-thought out strategy and plan. This practical guide puts you in the driver seat as the Hakataramea Plant's shutdown manager and planner. You'll complete exercises that give you practical tools and insights to developing short and long term strategies for your plant's next shutdown/turnaround or outage. Don't just read the book! Join us for our Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Process Training for even better outcome. Our seasoned instructors will give you even more tools and techniques.

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