Shutdown Turnaround Optimization

Make Sure Your Shutdowns/ Turnarounds Are Effective

Are outages and shutdowns moved close to the shutdown date?

Do you have add-on jobs less than a week before the shutdown? Are your down days chaotic?

You know your shutdowns are a central part of your success in achieving reliability and manage maintenance. You probably know why your outages are not functioning well. 

But, how can you get to a state of a well-planned shutdown/ turnaround?…

Can you get support from operations?  Will the storeroom have the parts?  Are the inspections that need to be done completed before the shutdown?

It’s stressful to have all these questions a few days before a downday. You should be confident in the execution of your shutdowns the week before the shutdown starts.

We Can Help You Establish Effective Shutdowns/ Outages/ Turnarounds

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Run Your Shutdowns with Confidence

Have an agreed upon countdown schedule so you have a plan to prepare.

Establish teamwork to follow the plan and be ready with parts, tools, job plans, and coordination.

Become confident in the execution of your Shutdowns by staying on-time, within budget, and executing the most critical jobs.

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