Reliability and Maintenance Careers

Immediate Need: Senior Consultant 

  • Contract or Full-time employee

Location Raleigh, North Carolina for Full-time employee, Contract employees must be located in the contiguous US.

About the company

IDCON INC is a global Reliability and Maintenance Management Consulting firm headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. We believe in providing our clients with practical, common-sense solutions to their Reliability and Maintenance management improvements.

IDCON is an equal opportunity employer.  

We are looking for Senior Consultants


  • Project Management,  Manage and lead multiple client projects including supervision of other consultants. Provide project communication through reports, evaluation against project targets, goals and timelines. Responsible for overall project outcome, meeting client objectives/expectations/deliverables, realize business case, meeting deadlines, communication with client and IDCON, reporting and project profitability. Responsible for administration and accounting/billing of clients.

  • Training.  Provide training for clients and in open courses in our core competencies. PM, Work Management, Spare Parts and Materials management, RCPE, Shutdown management, overall RORM 
  • Product development. Develop and improve current products used by IDCON to stay competitive and follow market trends and needs.
  • Business process improvements. Lead client projects to improve business processes within reliability and maintenance. Business process improvements can use principals of Lean, Six Sigma, RCM, TPM and other quality management tools as long as they align with IDCON’s basic beliefs
  • Leadership and teamwork. Provide leadership for clients to drive and implement improvements. Provide coaching and mentoring to guide client during implementation of new work processes. Provide leadership within IDCON to improve business and competitive stand on the market. Act with highest integrity in all parts of the business process and develop a good market reputation personally and for IDCON.


Education, Experience and/or Training

  • BS/BA in technical area, business, or management
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Industrial
    • Reliability
    • Or related fields
  • 15-20 years in industry, facility maintenance, or reliability and maintenance consultant 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attributes

  • Mechanical – knowledge of machines and tools, including uses, repair and maintenance
  • Good computer skills
    • Knowledge of computer management systems is a plus (such as SAP, Maximo)
    • Proficiency in Excel and Word is required
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Coaching/teaching skills
  • Proven technical, leadership and management skills
  • Problem Solver
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Must be self-motivated
  • Able to travel 2 to 3 weeks per month, globally at times.
  • Visual acuity and physical ability to support all functions of the job at all ltimes. We are often onsite at industrial locations

Please send your resume with a cover letter summarizing why you might be interested in working with IDCON INC to [email protected] ATTN Reliability Engineer position

Open positions


Post a job: Send the following information to [email protected]

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  • Company
  • Description
  • Contact information

Post a resume: Send the following information to [email protected]

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  • Description of work you are looking for

Our clients often ask us if we know of good people in the industry for different job positions. We have constructed this page to give our clients and people in the industry an opportunity to post jobs or post job applications.

Feel free to use this service. If you would like IDCON to be the contact channel for your application, please forward this request to [email protected]

Open positions within Reliability and Maintenance

Reliability and Maintenance Management Consultants

IDCON, INC. Raleigh, NC is a highly specialized Training and Management Consulting Company with clients all over the world.   IDCON is seeking Associate (Contract) Consultants to work with our clients.  We are in need of both Entry Level and Senior Consultants.  You must be eligible to work in the US on a permanent basis.

Job Description Entry-Level Consultant: IDCON INC is seeking entry-level consultants to work with our senior consultants to implement better preventive maintenance systems, store room practices, and update technical plant data at client sites. Our clients are mostly in process industries such as pulp and paper, food, mining, wood based industries, chemical, power and oil and gas.  A knowledge of SAP is beneficial.

Job Requirements for entry-level Consultant: Attitude and aptitude is highly prized.  You have to be prepared to travel extensively (2 to 3 weeks per month or more).  Bachelors or Associates Degree in Engineering or 5 years experience in manufacturing maintenance/reliability. Computer skills and basic knowledge of mechanical and/or electrical components is essential. Ability to apply basic concepts of engineering as they pertain to troubleshooting, optimization, and improvement to process operations. 1-2 years in the manufacturing/processing industries is valued (this could include internships). 

Job Description Senior Consultant: We are seeking senior consultants for our Raleigh, NC office.  We are looking for a consultant with coaching skills to implement improved reliability and maintenance work systems for our clients.  You would potentially work all over the world with different assignments.  

Job Requirements for Senior Consultant: Attitude, aptitude, and the ability to work in a team are highly prized.  Bachelors degree is a large plus.  You have at least ten years maintenance management experience in heavy process industry.  Consulting experience is valued.  You have to be ready to travel extensively.  IDCON uses a coaching approach in consulting, we therefore value experience in coaching as a manager or consultant.  Additional languages are a plus, especially Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.  Key skills are:  Coaching skills, maintenance management skills, ability to present, project management skills, team leadership.

IDCON INC is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Location: Throughout the US and Canada

Please send your resume with a cover letter summarizing why you might be interested in working with IDCON INC to [email protected] ATTN Associate consultant position.


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