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Leadership in Maintenance

Work Management / Planning & Scheduling

Emergency Work Orders

Emergency work orders are a common occurrence in a reactive maintenance environment, and many times it’s not really an emergency.  In this video from our

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Do We Need Planners?

In this video, Christer Idhammar answers the question for. Someone is always planning a job whether you have the role of planner or not but

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Preventive Maintenance

Root Cause

Technical / Equipment

Listen to your Cog Belt

Are you hearing a slapping noise? This can be caused by poor tension, which may cause a reduction in performance and lead to belt breakage. 

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Materials Management

Spare Part Naming Convention

Spare Parts naming has always been a challenge, from the lack of description standardization among parts manufacturers to CMMS & ERP systems templates (parts classification)

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Spare Parts Classification

The definition of Spare Parts Classification can fluctuate depending on the vision and/or focus assumed at any given moment. Some examples of definitions: • Part

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Swedish Articles

Skador och planerat underhåll

Jag har länge påstått att det finns ett starkt förhållande mellan skador och planerade underhållsarbeten likaväl som det finns ett starkt förhållande mellan planerat och

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Alla som medverkat i förbättringsinitiativ inom produktion och underhåll inser snart att det handlar mer om en kulturförändring och ändrat beteende än om teknik. Teknik

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