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Owe Forsberg

Planning and Scheduling Mistakes to Avoid

If you don’t know by now, the maintenance planning and scheduling process is integral to reliability in industrial and facilities management. Over my 30 years in industry, I have seen a lot of mistakes in the managing of these interconnected

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Owe Forsberg

Operations’ Role in Shutdown Scheduling

From operations point of view, they want to produce. But in order to produce you have to have your equipment running at peak performance and meet regulatory requirements, so that may been equipment may need to be shutdown. Operations’ roles

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Articles are great, but videos are also helpful. Our YouTube Channel is regularly updated with short topical videos. These videos are another way to offer free reliability and maintenance resources, designed to help you take steps to improve.

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Reliability and Maintenance Books

IDCON’s Reliability and Maintenance and Books are a unique collection focused on practical hands-on tips and techniques. These books have been developed by consultants who have spent their life in the industry.  

There are 11 books in the collection:

  • Condition Monitoring Standards Books (Vol. I, II III, IV, and V)
  • Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Manual
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management
  • Reliability-Focused Spare Parts and Materials Management
  • Knocking Bolts
  • Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Process


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