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helping you do what you do even better

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Here you’ll find helpful reliability and maintenance articles to help you run your plant well. You can see some of our most popular articles below. 

Reliability and Maintenance Business Case

Maintenance Cost and Estimated Replacement Value

Before we discuss what we should do about this situation, let’s discuss the number. An educated guess is that the number has emerged from financial consulting firms trying to benchmark maintenance management. Many use a MC/ERV of 2-3 percent as a benchmark for best performers. Is it reasonable to use the number as a benchmark?

The Difference Between Planning & Scheduling

In fact, many organizations think that the two are the same. Other organizations know the difference, but end up doing a lot of scheduling and very little planning. Let’s figure out the difference by starting with short format definitions of planning and scheduling.

How Daily and Weekly Meetings Between Operations and Maintenance Improve Everything

Many organizations deal well with production stops, but have issues with organizing routine work. Coordinating meetings where various departments prioritize work orders (WO) and maintenance is the foundation for a partnership between operations and maintenance. Here's how it can make a difference...

Defining Maintenance Costs

Unfortunately, there is no standard for measuring maintenance costs. Each company, usually each plant within a company and often each department within a plant develop their own definition of “maintenance costs.” For this reason, maintenance cost comparisons should always be accompanied by a clear definition of what is included and excluded for each plant included in the comparison.

Reliability Maintenance Basics: If you execute well you will get guaranteed results

My advice is to never forget to improve execution of the basics of maintenance. This was true 50 years ago and it is still true. Too often we complicate things beyond what is necessary. In the field of reliability and maintenance many tend to give new names on what in the end anyway comes down to the basics.

Maintenance Dictionary

We've compiled an exhaustive list of common maintenance terms. Browse our Maintenance Dictionary for other definitions within the maintenance field. 

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Short topical videos designed to help you take steps to improve your reliability and maintenance.

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Reliability and Maintenance Books

IDCON’s Reliability and Maintenance and Books are a unique collection focused on practical hands-on tips and techniques. These books have been developed by consultants who have spent their life in the industry.  

There are 9 books in the collection:

  • Condition Monitoring Standards Books (Vol. I, II III and IV)
  • Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Manual
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management
  • Reliability-Focused Spare Parts and Materials Management
  • Knocking Bolts


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