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What We Do – Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance Consulting, Implementation and Training

IDCON is a management consulting firm that specializes in reliability and maintenance consulting for industry, manufacturing and facilities.  Our work includes:

  • Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance Consulting, Implementation and TrainingOn-site consulting advice
  • On-site implementation support
  • On-site training
  • Public training

 The most common consulting support we offer are:

Our Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance (RORM) philosophy is based on common sense principles.  Due to the common sense approach, our philosophy consistently wins the approval and support of crafts people, operators, unions, and all layers of management, from operations to maintenance and engineering.  As a major stakeholder in the organization, each group’s buy-in is essential to the success of any improvement initiative.

IDCON’s Consulting Services Approach in Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management

We work as advisors and trainers depending on the plant’s needs. The process improvement approach we often use is outlined below:

  • Create plant awareness through seminars and reliability and maintenance assessment

  • Maintenance assessment to also identify gap between how good the organization is compared to how good it could be.

  • Prioritize gaps and build an implementation plan jointly with plant.  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should be set up to measure success.

  • Initial training which will focus on the areas identified in the gap analysis.

  • Consulting Services in implementation – We believe in having the plant very involved in the work to guarantee plant ownership and a smooth consultant exit

To see a 3 minute movie of our implementation approach please click here.