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Band-aid fixes and best guesses are
costing you time and resources.

IDCON’s training is focused on problem elimination rather than merely analyzing them. RCPETM training provides a structured approach to eliminate problems and includes a documentation method and implementation strategies that can be tailored to your organization.
RCPETM was developed to create a straight forward process that can be applied through to the frontline, where a significant percentage of issues can be resolved.
Both affect your bottom line through lost production!

Root Cause Problem Elimination training helps...

improve cohesion and cooperation among more finger pointing.

define the real problem

implement cost-effective solutions

efficient and effective employee

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Our practical Root Cause Failure training, consulting and on-the-job coaching equips your team with the knowledge and skill they need to be safe, effective, and less reactive. Our training options give you flexibility on how your team is trained and when.

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What do our students think about Root Cause training?

Very important topic for the continuous improvement process of any company which wants to reach class A manufacturing. Course structure and staff skill are very professional.
Reliability Engineer, montesdelplata
Allowed for a different perspective on problem solving that can be applied to any problem you are trying to solve.
Health & Safety Specialist, Green First Paper
4.5 out of 5
Common sense solution to complex problems
Engineer, Du Pont
“Good class that can be used in all a application of business
Maintenance Manager, LaFarge
This course shows the importance of determining the root to the problem root cause of breakdowns
Maintenance Manager, Honeywell
I think all of our plants could improve in production and savings by putting these practices in place”
Maintenance supervisor, Norbord

Your Team Can Improve

Your team will find and prioritize problems
You’ll discover the tools that help to promote critical and creative thinking
You’ll do more than analyze your’ll eliminate the real problems

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