How to Implement a Preventive Maintenance Program in 8 Steps

Download our free 8-step guide to successfully develop your own Preventive Maintenance Program

It can be hard to develop a comprehensive approach to improve your Preventive Maintenance Program.

Whether you’re looking for PM training or looking for a preventive maintenance checklist, this 8 Step Guide from the experts at IDCON will help you on your way.

When it comes to PM, there may have been different documentation methods over the years. The management and execution may vary between areas. Different groups and software sometimes manage a portion of your existing PM system.

Over the last 50 years, IDCON has helped thousands of plants implement effective preventive maintenance. This 8-Step Guide will walk you through the primary steps you need in order to do PM the right way.

There is also incredible value in building something as a team. Use this guide as a starting point for your team to build your own implementation plan.

We know that every plant has cultural, technical and scalable differences. There are also a variety of methods for documentation (RCM, PMO, TPM, etc.)

No matter the differences, these 8 Steps can be easily adapted to fit your team’s needs.

Work hard and enjoy the increased reliability!

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Once you download the 8 Step Guide, you’ll also get access to a video walkthrough from Tor Idhammar. (President of IDCON, Inc.). 

Consider it a brief PM training to discuss the 8 steps more in-depth. That way you can use them as your own preventive maintenance checklist within your organization. 

Download the free printable guide today. And start improving your preventive maintenance program today. 

Download our free 8-step guide to successfully develop your own Preventive Maintenance Program

This 8 Step Guide is an overview of the implementation steps in a typical Preventive Maintenance (PM) improvement project.

Most of the processes can be applied to a greenfield process. In fact, that may be easier to improve than an existing PM process.

We describe the process as a “Preventive Maintenance improvement process for simplicity.”

The official name is:

Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care and Condition Monitoring (PM/ECCM)

We don’t need to dig into definitions too much, but when trying to improve, it is important for you to understand that this process applies to all repetitive actions that may prevent a problem or detect a problem early.

This means that preventive methods such as greasing bearings, cleaning and adjustments are included as well as inspections.

So, throughout this preventive maintenance checklist, we want to acknowledge that both subjective inspections (look, listen, feel, smell) and objective methods such as vibration analysis, flow, current and temperature are considered.

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You don’t need to keep guessing, or wondering if you’re doing it right. 

Our 8 Step Guide will give you the big picture of what you need to do, and in what order you need to do it, so that you can make the most of your preventive maintenance program. 

Download our free 8-step guide to successfully develop your own Preventive Maintenance Program

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8 Steps to Successfully Implement Preventive Maintenance

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