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Change the People Dynamic of Your Root Cause Investigation

Part 4 of IDCON's Root Cause Crash Course Series

10:30 am EST

with Tor Idhammar
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Reliability and Maintenance Training

Keeping it Simple - Some principles of successful reliability and maintenance management

Part 2: Some Truths about Maintenance Processes

THURSDAY, April 20th
10:30 am EST

with Christer Idhammar
Founder, IDCON INC

Join Our RCFA Webinar Series

Keeping it Simple - Some principles of successful reliability and maintenance management

Part 1: Coffee with the Sheikh

10:30 am EST

with Christer Idhammar
Founder, IDCON INC
Join Our RCFA Webinar Series

RESCHEDULED – February 21-22, 2023


Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Process

At University of TN Knoxville

Are your shutdown/turnarounds costing you valuable production time?  

IDCON’s Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program training teaches you how to stay on budget and minimize downtime through a 6-step process that focuses on countdown actions, tools, and resource optimization.  You’ll received IDCON’s Shutdown Turnaround Optimization – A Practical Guide with your course registration, a $99 value.

November 7-8, 2023

Develop and Manage Preventive Maintenance

join online or in person

Do you have the right Preventive Maintenance Strategy? Never question if you know the right task, right frequency, or right tool again with IDCON’s “Develop and Manage Preventive Maintenance” training.

IDCON’s PM/ECCM philosophy adapts the documentation method and level of detail, depending on the consequence of breakdown (criticality of the equipment/process) You will practice the concepts learned in class using common components, equipment and processes.

November 9-10, 2023

Root Cause Problem Elimination

join online or in person

Band-aid fixes and best guesses are costing you time and resources. IDCON’s Root Cause Problem Elimination™ training focuses on eliminating problems, not just analyzing them. You’ll learn a structured approach to problem elimination while learning a documentation method and implementation strategies for your organization.

May 9 – 10, 2023  or October 2 -3, 2023

Work Management Planning & Scheduling

Get your workload under control

Effective Planning and Scheduling is a key to improving reliability and maintenance performance.  This course delivers the fundamental best practices and tools for planning and scheduling of maintenance work. You’ll receive IDCON’s “Maintenance Planning and Scheduling” book with your course registration, a $99 value

May 11-12, 2023

Materials and Spare Parts Management

join online or in person

Waiting for parts to arrive impacts productivity, reliability, and the bottom line.

Better management of this process is an untapped opportunity for organizations to improve reliability. This IDCON training gives you a better understanding of how to increase plant reliability and maintenance performance through improved management of spare parts and materials-related information.

August 21-23, 2023

Essential Care and Inspection Techniques

In-person training. Raleigh, NC

This practical training course teaches how to care for equipment and perform fundamental condition monitoring (inspections) tasks.  Through hands-on demonstrations, you’ll learn about inspection tools and smart inspection techniques.

This course is designed for maintenance technicians and operators to learn the fundamentals of equipment care, life extension of components and inspections techniques.  All participants will receive training materials, hands-on exercises, Condition Monitoring Standards V1 ($195 value) and a training certificate for 12 hours of instruction.

Speaking Engagements

SMRP Annual Conference
October 16-19  Orlando, FL

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