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Operator Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Implementation

Results from above IDCON INC survey shows that 78% of 350 respondents do not have a complete fully functional Operator Essential Care and Condition Monitoring program in their plants. 78% says that their operators use no or only one inspection tool. Only 16% claim their operators have been formally trained to do inspections and essential care of equipment. You can learn more from participating in the survey (see right).

Operator Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Implementation

We know that an Operator Essential Care and Condition Monitoring program is a very big untapped improvement potential in many organizations. To implement such a program in a cost effective way within a reasonable time requires good adapted On-The-Job training of operators in Essential Care and Condition Monitoring techniques. In addition an uncomplicated system is needed to document routes, asks and observation reports.

IDCON INC provides very unique training and implementation support. Training material is adapted to equipment used in operators’ area. IDCON INC’s Condition Monitoring Standards are widely used in the industry as part of this training material. 

Setting up a program for Operator Essential Care and Condition Monitoring should be part of Optimizing the whole Preventive Maintenance program. If done in isolation it will lead to duplications of tasks and a substantial savings opportunity is missed.

IDCON recommends that the above guideline is used as part of Preventive Maintenance Optimization. First decide what the task is and then decide if it is practical for an operator to do the task. Make sure they know how to do it and if they do not know how to do the task set a limit on how much training you are going to invest in operators so they can do a task safely and with quality. For example <20 minutes per task. If it requires longer time it goes to category 2. Area Maintenance craft person.

Typical activities for operator essential care implementation in an IDCON project are:

  • Understand current situation and client's needs for operator essential care

  • Review current approach to develop inspections, cleaning and adjustment tasks for operators
  • Assess overlap in tasks with maintenance tasks
  • Examine operator's current skills in how components and equipment work.
  • Train operators in Operator Essential Care in a classroom setting with field exercises
  • On-the-job training with operators in the field
  • Teach the plant how to document Operator essential care tasks
  • Support selection of tool to manage inspection and cleaning tasks
  • Coach operations management in work request management
  • Coach operation management in managing essential care tasks
  • Help plant set up Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for essential care
  • Coach team in documenting one-point lesson
  • Etc.

IDCON offers on-site and public training in operator essential care.

Visit our page for open seminars to find current dates for our preventive maintenance training and reliability and equipment care training.

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