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Preventive Maintenance Implementation

IDCON, INC has implemented several hundred preventive maintenance systems in industry worldwide. Best results have been achieved where we have trained and coached client’s employees to implement the preventive maintenance optimization and systems. This method is more cost effective and results are more sustainable because of the ownership we help embed in client’s organization.

IDCON’s unique implementation covers all the basics of preventive maintenance. We know from very long experience that basic inspections done by maintenance crafts people and operators covers the majority of all components in a plant, yet this part of preventive maintenance is very often overlooked.  Implementation of a basic preventive maintenance system yields very good results, as it requires almost no investment in expensive tools and experts.

Implementation and coaching of preventive maintenance typically include:

  • Formal assessment of current preventive maintenance systems
  • Understanding the client's current Preventive Maintenance practices
  • Jointly generate an implementation plan for improving preventive maintenance.
  • Customize hands-on classroom and field training in preventive maintenance
  • Deliver preventive maintenance training for operators and craftspeople
  • Work out roles, responsibilities and scope of the PM review
  • Coach client the IDCON Preventive Maintenance Optimization methodology
  • Coach the review of Mechanical on-the-run and shutdown/ TA PM's
  • Coach the review of Electrical on-the-run and shutdown/TA PM's
  • Coach the review of loop checks, calibration and on-the-run inspection of instrumentation
  • Coach the review of lubrication practices
  • Coach the review of vibration, ultrasonic, Infrared thermography points.
  • Train operators and craftspeople in inspection techniques
  • On-the-job training in inspections and PM's
  • Coach the setup of work systems around PM
  • Support client in setting up key performance indicators for PM's
  • Help client arriving to good use of current CMMS for PM improvements


Additional Tools and Information around Preventive Maintenance

IDCON has developed predefined inspection methods for most common components in industrial plants. These are documented in our Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS). Click on links below for more information.

Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) vol. I, II, III, & IV

Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring

The use of the CMS will speed up implementation of a preventive maintenance program by 60 – 70%. The CMS are also used as training material for operators and maintenance employees. We know that between 30 – 50 % of all existing PMs are not meaningful and cost effective to do.


Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring



IDCON identifies the scope of PM / ECCM as described in the chart above. We will focus on improving the processes that applies to your organization.


Maintenance Seminars and Training

Our PM / ECCM training seminars are most effective when customized for our clients. We visit your plant to learn your systems, collect pictures, documentation, and other examples we can use in the training. In the training, we cover the process of setting up, executing and measuring an effective program. The customized PM / ECCM training is usually one of the first steps in an improvement process for the plant.


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