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Strategy, Maintenance Assessment & Improvement Plans

Together with industry IDCON has developed a reliability and maintenance audit and benchmarking process based on best practices in industry. The best practices have been defined over the years as we have worked with over 300 organizations all over the world. We have decided to call our reliability and maintenance audit process “Current Best Practices” (CBP) since best practices may change over time. Many companies have used our CBP strategy and auditing model. They are very well verified and tested by many different types of users.

About the CBP Documentation

The current best practices for reliability and maintenance include around 200 statement(s) describing the RIGHT THINGS TO DO in order to improve reliability and drive down costs. These statements cover the following categories:

  • Leadership and organization

  • Preventive Maintenance/ essential care and condition monitoring

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Root cause problem elimination

  • Materials management

  • Facilities, Tools, and Workshops

  • Engineering’s interface with Maintenance

  • Technical Database

  • Skills Development

When we do a reliability and maintenance benchmarking audit, we compare your performance with our CBP. The gaps are identified and scored. Each CBP is scored and commented on in order to document the gap. Each category is scored and the score can be compared to other companies in order to benchmark the reliability and maintenance performance of your organization.  However, the gap is primarily used for four things:

  1. Document your Reliability and Maintenance Strategy.

  2. Educate your organization and increase awareness of how good you are compared with how good you can become.

  3. Develop an action plan for implementation of improvements.

  4. Continuously measure progress and results from implementation of your strategy.

IDCON’s Best Practices for Reliability and Maintenance education and evaluation methodology is used by numerous organizations worldwide to evaluate their own performance against proven best reliability and maintenance best practices. Many larger companies have adapted and licensed IDCON’s CBP methodology to develop and document their reliability and maintenance strategy and to educate, evaluate and drive continuous improvement in all or some of their operations. These companies include: 

  • Arch Coal
  • BOC, Pan Pacific Australia
  • Capital Power Corporation Canada, USA
  • Clearwater Paper
  • Fonterra, New Zealand
  • Grand Bahamas Power, Grand Bahamas
  • Georgia Pacific
  • International Paper
  • Kapstone
  • Kazakhmyz, Kazakhstan
  • Norbord USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium
  • Norske Skog Australia, New Zealand
  • RockTenn
  • Solvay Paper
  • Swedish Steel AB, Sweden
  • Tembec USA, Canada, France
  • UPM-Kymmene, United Kingdom
  • Union Gas, Canada
  • Visy Industries, Australia
  • Wausau Paper
  • Weyerhaueuser