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Reliability and Maintenance Management Training

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Preventive Maintenance / Essential Care and Condition Monitoring (PM/ECCM) Training

Preventive maintenance will directly impact equipment reliability. It all starts with implementing a preventive maintenance program that enables your plant to identify and minimize equipment failures.

IDCON’s Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care Condition Monitoring training teaches participants how to set up a cost-effective preventive maintenance process and provides practical documentation and field PM execution exercises.  Operators and maintenance craftspeople will also learn valuable shutdown and on-the-run and inspection and PM techniques.

We offer our PM/ECCM training in many formats, the most common are:

  • Customized on-site PM/ECCM
  • The Reliability Jump Start for the operations and maintenance partnership team
  • Standard on-site PM/ECCM Training
  • Public PM/ECCM training

Preventive Maintenance / Essential Care and Condition Monitoring (PM/ECCM) Training

Our training is most effective when customized to your organization and industry. 

In House Preventive Maintenance Training

Customized on-site PM/ECCM Training can be very different between industries and companies. An IDCON consultant visits your site for 1-4 days to understand your needs, collect examples, discuss outline, and take pictures in order to customize the training to your needs.  We will customize the training in our offices based on our existing material to provide you with a perfect training solution for your people.  Some examples of past trainings are:

  • Preventive maintenance documentation for mechanical equipment
  • Preventive maintenance execution for operators and craftspeople
  • Preventive maintenance management, work processes
  • Inspection techniques for operators
  • On-the-job training for instrumentation calibration and loop checks
  • Preventive maintenance for underground mining equipment including assembly line PM system
  • Preventive maintenance for pulp and paper
  • Preventive maintenance management for hot rolling steel mill
  • etc, etc

The Reliability Jump Start for the Operations and Maintenance Team™ is a four to five day preventive maintenance training / implementation effort where a group of 10-15 people, representing both operations and maintenance, go through preventive maintenance (PM) concepts, learn why PM/ECCM is important, and how to set up and document preventive maintenance. The training is a very good tool for bringing operations and maintenance together in a joint effort. Maintenance basics, such as alignment, balancing, lubrication and cleaning are reinforced. During this week, the group will implement preventive maintenance in the plant for selected equipment. About 40-50% of the training is hands-on either equipment or documentation exercises.

Standard on-site and Public Preventive Maintenance Training

IDCON also deliver a standard preventive maintenance training that we are happy to deliver on-site.  You may also attend our public Preventive Maintenance training that are available several times a year. Click here for more information.


In your job, do you…

Plan preventive maintenance work? Execute PM tasks (operations and maintenance)? Manage preventive maintenance? Work with reliability improvements? Manage and/or supervise maintenance personnel? Work as a maintenance or reliability engineer? Coordinate PM tasks between E/I, mechanical and operations? Work with a Computerized Maintenance Management System? Manage operator essential care and inspections?

…then this training is for you!


Common Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care Condition Monitoring Topics

  • Results oriented reliability and maintenance. Actions to prevent failures
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Lubrication/hydraulics
  • Alignment
  • Operating procedures
  • Actions to find failures early (condition monitoring/inspections)
  • Bearings, vibrations, and SPM
  • Couplings and stroboscopes
  • Chains, belt and guards inspections
  • Material crack detection
  • Corrosion and heat-exchanger inspections
  • Temperature inspections
  • Pumps and mechanical seals and inspections
  • Leak detection
  • Optimizing the PM and Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Financial benefits
  • Charter/mission/goal
  • Getting prepared, sample implementation plan
  • Reliability Basics
  • Most cost effective maintenance methods
  • Failure developing period
  • Equipment life
  • Documentation
  • Equipment needs
  • Inspection frequency
  • Inspection standards
  • Operations, mechanical, electrical instrumentation