Reliability & Maintenance Assessments and Benchmarking

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You have reliability problems and inconsistent performance across your plants.

Solving this problem will save your organization millions,
but you don’t know where to begin.

With our proven Assessment methodology, used at hundreds of plants, we’ll help you simplify this massive management initiative.

People cannot be more productive than the system they work in allows them to be.

It is management’s job to fix the system.


Enterprise-Wide Reliability
& Maintenance Assessment

Following a 4-step process, we’ll help you…

Here's how it works


We’ll Understand Your Situation by examining 10 key process areas and benchmark you against your peers


Then Create a Plan. With a step-by-step plan you’ll have a clear, prioritized path to improvement that aligns your people, processes and technology.


Execute the Plan Together. Working on-site and with your team, we’ll help you put your plan into action so that you can secure quick wins and sustain long-term improvements.


So You Can Reach Your Goals. Reduce your cost. Increase uptime. Eliminate the hassle of unreliable plants.

Serious Maintenance & Reliability Problems


That’s why our assessments are conducted by experts who have accumulated over 100 years of deep industry-specific knowledge and a track record of achieving positive results.

We’ve faced the same challenges, worked in the same organizations, and used the same systems that you have.

And we have the experience in securing buy-in at the corporate level while implementing change at the plant level.

This is the type of corporate-wide improvement that can result in millions of dollars in savings.

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Assessments Completed in Asset Intensive Industries
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Millions Saved in Maintenance Costs
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Be Assessed in 10 Key Process Categories

Leadership & Organization


Planning &

Root Cause Problem Elimination



Skills for Reliability & Maintenance




Receive A Comprehensive Improvement Plan

A Comprehensive Improvement Plan, which includes a benchmarking report and plan for success, will help eliminate gaps between your people, processes, and technology.

  • Unify operations, maintenance, stores, and engineering around a clear action plan for improvement
  • Strategically prioritize short-term wins and long-term improvement plans to know how to win
  • Form clear organizational goals to improve your reliability and maintenance
  • Save millions on maintenance costs and expenses related to unplanned downtime and unreliable equipment

Meet the Experts

With over 100+ years of experience, across a variety of industries, our team of skilled experts can help you analyze the performance of your maintenance operations and create an actionable plan for achieving your goals.

Our experts cover the full range of reliability, maintenance, technology, management, and hands-on plant floor experience.

Tor Idhammar

Tor Idhammar has over 30 years of reliability and maintenance consulting experience. He has conducted numerous assessments and provided reliability and maintenance consulting and training to over 60+ companies in 15 countries in industries such as food, pulp and paper, mining, steel, and oil and gas. He writes a monthly maintenance column in the European reliability magazine U & D and has written four books on reliability and maintenance.

Christer Idhammar

Christer Idhammar is an award-winning and world renowned Reliability and Maintenance Management guru. He has over 60 years of experience in reliability and maintenance. He started his career as a mechanic in the Swedish merchant marine 1961. As a consultant, he started the Idhammar group of companies in Sweden 1972 and founded IDCON Inc., now a TRM subsidiary, in Raleigh North Carolina in 1985. Christer is frequent guest speaker at reliability conferences and has written dozens of books and articles, including his acclaimed book on reliability and maintenance, “Knocking Bolts”. Several hundred successful companies around the world have engaged Christer in their reliability improvement initiatives.

Owe Forsberg

Owe Forsberg is senior reliability engineer with 30 years of experience in multiple phases of Operations Management in asset intensive industries. He has comprehensive experience in analyzing and streamlining operations processes while applying systems and technologies to increase productivity, quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Owe is a Certified Reliability and Maintenance Professional (CMRP) and a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA). He holds a MS in Management from NCSU and BS in Marine Engineering from Sweden (Linnaeus University).

John Q. Todd

John Todd has is a senior reliability engineer with nearly 30 years of experience in the Reliability Engineering, Maintenance, Enterprise Asset Management, Process development/improvement, Quality/ISO/CMMI Management, Technical Training, Application development, and Risk Management. His experience includes work as a Reliability Engineer & RCM implementer for NASA/JPL Deep Space Network, as well as numerous customer projects and consulting activities as a reliability and spares analysis expert.

Achieve World-Class Maintenance

It’s time to solve your comprehensive maintenance problems, and make serious progress on your long-term performance goals.

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