Online maintenance training

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Online maintenance training

This Self-paced Training in Work Management is the tool you need to start your journey to become more efficient and less reactive.

Through videos, supporting documents and knowledge tests, your team will get a better understanding of the fundamentals of a key Work Management topic – Planning and Scheduling. 

Quicker Onboarding & Cohesion

Because this training is self-paced and online,  you can access the training from anywhere and at any time. That means quicker onboarding and cohesion from day one!

What if Operations and Maintenance were In Sync with How Your Maintenance is Managed?

When it comes to work management processes, you know that’s there’s more to it than just making a list and getting work done.

But it’s hard to get everyone in your organization in sync.
And because of that, your work management suffers.

IDCON’s Self-Paced Work Management Training is the Tool You Need

No matter the size of your organization, you can get in control of your workload. You can be confident that your equipment is ready to work. Your team can become unified and less reactive.

Stop Dealing with Long Downtimes & Rising Maintenance Costs

Give Your Team the Tools to Work Better Together...Today

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