The Productivity Simulation – A unique Production – Engineering, and Maintenance training opportunity.

The Productivity Simulation

Make One Team Out of Operations and Maintenance

The Productivity Simulation

The Productivity Simulation is a tool for building the partnership between operations, maintenance and engineering. Its cross-functional education and perspective building properties works well with almost any area suffering communication/cooperation difficulties. In The Productivity Simulation, all participants learn, in an exciting and engaging way the meaning and importance of production reliability.

Key Learning Concepts

  • Improves teamwork, cooperation and encourages individuals to “think outside the box”.
  • Gives participants a realization of how each position/role impacts other functions and the company’s earnings. Each participant takes on a key position/role such as operations manager, maintenance manager, accounting, stores or maintenance planning. To maximize the learning experience, each person is cross-trained in four different roles.
  • Reinforce the purpose and application of essential elements of production reliability
    • Cost of Production
    • Cost of Maintenance
    • Market Price Variance
    • Root Cause
    • Production and Maintenance Scheduling
    • Prevention
    • Early Identification
    • Prioritizing/Planning
    • Profit and Loss
  • Discover ways to increase production flexibility, reliability and yield, and reduce costs by applying results-oriented solutions to common problems.

The Origin

The Productivity Simulation debuted in Europe in 1986. Since inception, 25,000 employees of process/ manufacturing organizations worldwide have used the Simulation to forge cohesive teams.

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  • Provides a platform for organizational change, whether for productivity challenges, “right-sizing”, implementation of lean production, results oriented maintenance, TPM, ISO 9000, or “re-engineering”.
  • Improves interdepartmental and interpersonal communication by forging relationships, breaking down barriers and dispelling stereotypes.
  • Improves cooperation and understanding between planning, maintenance, accounting, and operations departments which will ultimately translate into increased plant capacity utilization and/or improved product quality.
  • Job satisfaction – as individuals realize the importance of their functions in relation to the performance of other functions and the whole.

Who Should Attend

Managers, first line supervisors, and hourly employees primarily from Operations, Maintenance, and Stores. But anyone who interacts with, or is connected to, maintenance will benefit from participation. As different benefits are achieved depending on the vertical and horizontal mix of participants, the Game can easily be tailored to address each organization’s particular needs.

Who’s Used The Productivity Simulation?

It has been used in manufacturing and processing industries worldwide including:

  • Paper and Forest
  • Food
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Chemical
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Textile, Wood Products
  • and many others…

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