Is a Condition Monitoring (CM) Technician Worth $2,610.11?

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I’ve met more than my fair share of “handicapped” CM Techs;  “handicapped” with the lack of tools, training and poorly designed systems.

As Deming noted “…you can only be as effective as the system you work in allows you to be.”

But by far the easiest of these deficiencies to fix are inspections tools.  Below is a list of suggested basic “must have” tools for a typical CM Technician:

Tool Price
Cre Bonfire X flashlight, 350 lumen 25.95
Stanley 2″ putty knife 7.87
Stainless bristle wire brush 6.50
Telescoping, articulating inspection mirror w LED lights 10.95
Monarch BBL Strobe light LED, 3,000 lux 587.00
SPM Bearing checker BC100 1899.68
Can of Presolve de-greaser, electrically safe 12.45
Rags 2.75
Kobolt wheeled, carry tool bag 56.95
Total 2,610.11

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Michael Lippig

Michael Lippig

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