Who Does this Maintenance Task?

You have some maintenance tasks to complete and you may be considering who can do it? In this video from our Develop and Manage PM course, Michael Lippig gives you a simple decision model and examples that can help you decide “Who does this maintenance task?”

Can an operator do maintenance tasks?

Using the decision model you can see that we included operators in the mix of people who can do a maintenance task. Read this article: I bet an operator can do that! and learn what inspections an operator can do.

Ask the key questions:

  • Is it practical?
  • Do they know how?
  • Can they be trained in X minutes?

If the answer to any of those are “no” then you move on to the next group.

who does that maintenance task
operator cleaning motor

Are there tasks that should only be done by maintenance?

Of course, any task that requires skill should be done by the maintenance team or specialists. We typically say that lubrication should only be done by people trained in how to do lubrication. By using the questions, you can easily and quickly determine which group needs to complete the task.

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