Types of Misalignments

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Picture 1: Offset, or Parallel – the shafts are parallel to each other, but are not co-planar, or in the same plane.  This can be both vertical and horizontal.

•Offset or Parallel Misalignment is measured in thousandths of an inch  (0.000”), also called mils.
Offset or Parallel Misalignment
Picture 2: Angular – the shafts are not in the same plane, which causes a difference in measurement between  measurements made 180 degrees opposite on the coupling faces.
•Angular Misalignment is measured in thousandths of an inch (0.000”), or mils, per inch of coupling diameter.
Angular Misalignment

It’s almost always a combination of both!

Torbjörn Idhammar

Torbjörn Idhammar

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