Get big rewards by improving work management

Improving work management is key to overall reliability

But it’s difficult to improve because ultimately it’s about changing behavior in the workplace. 90% about making improvement to your reliability and maintenance management processes is the people in the organization. If they are resistant to changing behavior then you cannot gain the big rewards of improved work management.

How long could it take to improve work management planning and scheduling?

it really depends on where your organization is now and the level you want to get to. We’ve seen very motivated clients reach their goals in 1 to 2 years. But again, it is wholly dependent on changing behaviors in the workplace.

A maintenance assessment focused on work management processes like planning, scheduling and shutdown reveals where you are now and what it takes to improve. The graph below shows a client’s actual improvement in each sub-process of work management planning and scheduling. The key is that the plant embraced and changed their behavior to improve nearly every process based on the recommendations of the assessment.

improving work management
A maintenance assessment of the sub-processes of Work Management year 1 and year 2.

Standardizing Work Order types

Another idea for improving work management is to have some way of standardizing your work order types internally. There will probably never be a national standard.

What you can do is to be sure to include timing in your work management workflows and not to mix up priorities with work order types. Think about it there are only two real priorities : ” Should I do it now (emergency) or can it wait”. Then you designate a number (or date) for the priority of the work. But you have to have that designation of what is a priority and when should it be done. Try to limit the number of priorities you have or the system begins to get cluttered. Here’s our priority guideline for you to download.

What rewards are there for improving work management?

There are many rewards for making improvements to work management. Here are just a few:

  1. Reduction of emergency work to less than 10%
  2.  Improved maintenance productivity
  3. Improved safety and environment
  4. Operations and maintenance become more cohesive
  5. Builds confidence that work will be done by maintenance
  6. Reduces maintenance costs by 20%
  7. Improves work quality
  8. Less wasted time and materials
  9. Increased motivation 
  10. Full use of the tradespeople

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