Root Cause and Thinking – Part 2 What tools to use?

What tools are effective for Root Cause Failure Analysis or RCFA?

What tools are effective when you’re conducting a root cause investigation? In this second video of the series “Root Cause and Thinking”, Tor Idhammar discusses the common tools and how they should be used in the process of Root Cause Problem Elimination. Did you miss the 1st video? Watch it on our YouTube Channel.

Root Cause and thinking – don’t confuse the tool with the investigation

A lot of people confuse a “tool” or software when they talk about their Root Cause process at their plant. We’ll ask them, what’s your process for Root Cause Problem Elimination and they’ll say “5-why” for example but that’s not a process it’s a tool. And it can’t really help you getting the thinking power you need to nail down the solution to the problem at hand. Learn more about the common tools in Root Cause Failure Analysis.

root cause and thinking
A fishbone diagram is a tool to use in the process . Caution fishbone is a brainstorming tool not a method.

Powerful tool for root cause is to use is changes in time

If you can find out when and where a change is happening you can get close to the root cause. And it can lead to getting to eliminating the problem. Using changes in tie can get you thinking about if what you thought is the problem could be wrong.

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