Technical / Equipment

Infrared Thermography Essentials

Infrared thermography (IR) has become an essential tool in many Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Programs. Infrared cameras have become user-friendly and plentiful in the marketplace, but

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Digital Cameras

Digital cameras, with the addition of simple notes, are a very powerful planning tool and can save hours of work. Here are a couple of

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Technique: Inspection

Water in oil is a common, but often overlooked reliability problem. Water will not only destroy the oil film strength, but may also cause flash-vaporization

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Technique: Vacuum pump

“The basic function of a Vacuum Pump?” A Nash pump operates with a positive displacement using water as a compressant. The rotor keeps a ring

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Technique: Alignment

That a perfect .000” alignment can sometimes be the wrong thing to do? Rarely, if ever, do two machines in a machine train generate the

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Technique: Belts

A stroboscope is a wonderful diagnostic tool for belt drives. With a stroboscope light you can: Read the original belt’s number & manufacturer without stopping

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