Managing Reliability and Maintenance

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Crash Courses in How to Manage Reliability and Maintenance

Managing Reliability and Maintenance Online training

What are you managing? In this series of online training videos, you’ll be guided through key work processes that drive reliability. You’ll learn the role that maintenance leaders need to take as they implement best practices in reliability and maintenance management.

Led by IDCON Reliability and Maintenance Management experts, these crash courses cover:

Quicker Onboarding & Cohesion

Because this training is self-paced and online,  you can access the training from anywhere and at any time. That means quicker onboarding and cohesion from day one!

Fast learning in Reliability and Maintenance

There are many online training options available for reliability and maintenance. It’s important to choose a program from instructors who have deep industry expertise. With over 50 years in the field of Reliability and Maintenance, IDCON has the knowledge you need!

3 Part Preventive Maintenance Video Series

In this crash course, you’ll take away three key concepts in developing and managing Preventive Maintenance that any industrial maintenance manager needs.  First, you’ll get fundamental knowledge in what Preventive Maintenance is and isn’t.  Then you’ll learn a fast and easy way to document the task that will take you from reactive to proactive. Finally, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road…you’ll learn how to implement and manage the program effectively.

3 Part Work Management Video Series

Work Management Planning and Scheduling can be misunderstood in a lot of organizations. Because of this lack of understanding, people who should be engaged in the process are often “missing in action.” This leads to frustration, distrust, and inefficiencies. Essentially, your organization is out of sync! In this crash course, you’ll learn how to get your team in sync with work management. In this three part management series, you’ll learn the key roles that must be in place,  the 6 common mistakes to avoid in work management, and the goals you need to focus on and measure.

3 Part Root Cause Investigations Video Series

You probably have a RCFA or RCA program but is it effective? What tools should you use to organize your investigations? Do you know how to collect information? Can you clearly state the right problem and solve it? I n this crash course you will learn the what investigation tools really work, how to clarify what problem you need to solve, how to collect information, and how to find possible causes. This gives any manager the tools they need to ensure your team is solving AND eliminating problems.

Online Training for Busy Managers

We get it, you’ve got a lot on your plate but you know that understanding how to manage maintenance at your organization vital.  These short learning series of videos gives you the details you need, all at your own pace.  Recommended for:

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