Maintenance planning – use pictures for clear work plans

Maintenance planning work order packages should include pictures and diagrams for clear instructions. The result of planning is a work order package, it’s the job of the planner to ensure that these packages will be clear and understood by the people who perform the work. Nothing’s more frustrating than instructions that give no visual clues to what needs to be done.

Work order templates for maintenance planning should include an area for images and diagrams

How many times was a job step missed because the work order package was overloaded with text. A picture is worth a thousand words when you are conveying instructions. A good planner should be going out to scope the job, a key tool is a digital camera or smart device like a phone, tablet or even wearable technology.

Images should capture the equipment area, the equipment name plate data, the equipment itself and where the identified problem is.

maintenance planning with image
This is the 1st page of a standard job plan. Notice the image is clearly shown.

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