Work Order Job Kits

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The Kitting of parts and materials is a mission-critical component to the successful execution of any Planned job.

An important thing to remember is that Kitting it is more than just gathering up the parts needed for a given job.

The “Job Kit” should also contain items that are required by the crafts as they execute the Job Plan. Some of those items are, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list, bolts, nuts, thread locking compound, silicone, dye penetrant and last but not least…rags!

Work Order Job KitOne of the objectives in fully preparing a Work Order Job Package is to include every tangible item that could possibly be needed in the “Kit” for the crafts to execute the assigned task to completion.   If the craft-persons feet have to leave the work area, something in the Planning of the job was missed.

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Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor

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