You’re Doing it Wrong! Shutdown Schedule Compliance

Is your shutdown schedule compliance at 100%

When it comes to shutdown schedule being on time is paramount to getting your production going. But there are many reasons why teams are not sticking to the schedule.

Why shutdown schedules aren’t compliant

This picture is one you don’t want to see during a shutdown. 1 person working and 10 others standing around “supervising”. This is one of the most important aspects of a shutdown – proper scheduling and planning how we use our resources.

Another reason is emergency work, you stop doing the work that was planned and scheduled. But if the work scope isn’t correct you end up with scope creep, because you didn’t understand the work that was supposed to be done.

Again, if you are reviewing and scoping out the work during the work list phase you are likely going to under or over estimate the amount of time needed to complete work. Or it’s possible that the right trade is not available to complete a part of the work or maybe they are waiting around. For instance, the mechanical team is on hold because they are waiting for an electrician.

Another reason that the schedule may be delayed is not having the materials available and close to the job site. If they aren’t, a delay in the schedule is sure to occur.

Not getting the right permits can also be a schedule delay.

Uncontrollable problems that could affect your shutdown schedule compliance

You need to have contingency plans in place should an uncontrollable event happen during the shutdown. One time, we were working on a tank outside and suddenly a thunderstorm came up there was no way we could be working outside in those conditions, but because we had a contingency plan in place for an event like this, we were able to move to another indoor job and keep on schedule.

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