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 IDCON believe that...

  • improving reliability and maintenance practices will reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs
  • operations, maintenance, and engineering must work in a partnership to improve reliability and maintenance
  • basic practices must be implemented first
  • improving reliability and maintenance is 90% about people
  • people cannot be more effective than the system they work in allows them to be
  • busy people are not necessarily effective, people must be busy with the right things
  • most organization knows what to do, but they often struggle to execute
  • Overall reliability is the product of process and equipment reliability


IDCON, Reliability and Maintenance Management Consulting

For more than 40 years, IDCON has provided reliability and maintenance consulting services to small, mid-sized and large companies in over 50 different countries.

We work in the heavy process industry in mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food, steel and metals, cement, food, but also in manufacturing and facilities.

Our mission is to improve overall reliability and minimize total production cost.

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Reliability and Maintenance Implementation Support

Our management consultants provide training and support that consists of:



Live Reliability and Maintenance Video

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Conferences and Events

MainTrain 2014
Nov 17-20, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


Maintenance Articles

October 2014
The Reliability Driven Maintenance Organization - II
by Christer Idhammar, Vice President, IDCON.

September 2014
The Reliability Driven Maintenance Organization - I
by Christer Idhammar, Vice President, IDCON. 

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Reliability Tips

October 2014

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