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IDCON, INC is a reliability and maintenance management consulting firm, also known as an asset management firm.

Since 1972, we have provided reliability and maintenance consulting services to small, mid-sized and large companies in over 50 different countries.

We work in the heavy process industry in mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food, steel and metals, cement, food, etc, but also in manufacturing and facilities.

Our mission is to improve overall reliability and minimize total production cost. 


Reliability and Maintenance Implementation Support

Our management consultants provide training and support that consists of:


Call for Presenters

PPRM The Pulp and Paper Reliability and Maintenance Conference is looking for speakers for the 2015 Conference.  Our conference looks to mill leaders and front line maintenance and reliability professionals to present their experiences in building their maintenance organizations and programs.  

Download our "Call for Papers" information guide for timetables and more information.

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Live Reliability and Maintenance Video

Visit the Media page for an overview of IDCON's Reliability and Maintenance Training Capabilities.

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IDCON Events

SMRP Annual Conference,
Oct 22-24, Orlando, FL

The Pulp & Paper Reliability & Maintenance Conference 2015
Venue selected and dates are now set: Niagara Falls, NY May 11-14th, 2015 
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Maintenance articles

June 2014

Leadership in Maintenance Practical Implementation of Work Order [Back] Logs
by Tor Idhammar, President, IDCON.

Optimizing your Shutdown Program in 5 steps
by Greg Gustafson, Senior consultant, IDCON. 

 July 2014
Carbon Brush Wear in DC Motors and Generators Caused by Silicone
by Terry Taylor, Senior consultant, IDCON.

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Reliability Tips

May 2014

Corrective Maintenance... Opportunity for Practical Root Cause Problem Elimination (RCPE)
by Owe Forsberg, Senior Consultant, IDCON