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Which PMs Should Operations Do?

A reliable plant needs a cohesive maintenance strategy.  This strategy should include the operations team actively participating in the care and basic inspections of the

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What do you need from Operations?

To have reliable production, you need reliable partnerships. This means Operations, Maintenance and Engineering working together towards the common goal. So, the question is…what does

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Leadership in Maintenance

Sometimes I think about the fact that many companies pay a lot of money for leadership and teamwork simulations…how come we sometimes have a hard time getting things done efficiently on the floor in the maintenance industry when we’re paid so well?

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How Do You Define…??

This can be a pretty loaded beginning to a sentence.  From role definitions to reliability definitions, your organization has a lot of definitions to figure

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The Partnership Organization

In poorly performing mills it is typical that production, maintenance and engineering organizations work in silos without much cooperation. The traditional view in these mills

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